Q-2, r. 32 - Regulation respecting hazardous materials

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138.7. A monetary administrative penalty of $2,000 in the case of a natural person or $10,000 in other cases may be imposed on any person who
(1)  emits, deposits, discharges, releases or allows the emission, deposit, discharge or release of a hazardous material into the environment or into a sewage system in contravention of the requirements of section 8;
(2)  fails to take any of the measures prescribed by subparagraph 1 or 3 of the first paragraph of section 9 in the case of accidental release of a hazardous material into the environment;
(3)  mixes or dilutes residual hazardous materials with other materials without complying with the condition prescribed by section 10;
(4)  uses oil not approved to settle dust in contravention of section 14;
(5)  fails to decontaminate or to fill with an inert material an abandoned underground tank in contravention of the second paragraph of section 71;
(6)  stores, in heaps outside a building, residual hazardous materials that do not comply with the conditions prescribed by paragraph 1 or 2 of section 72;
(7)  places in a final disposal site hazardous materials referred to in section 94;
(8)  fails to equip a final disposal site with a collection system that complies with the requirements of section 97 or to treat the collected water in accordance with the requirements of that section.
O.C. 677-2013, s. 4.