Q-2, r. 29 - Regulation respecting halocarbons

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53. A person who has in his or her possession a container that has been used to market a halocarbon other than methyl bromide must return it, after use, to the supplier or to any other halocarbon wholesaler that sells or distributes halocarbons of the same type.
The supplier or wholesaler is required to take the container back.
However, where the returned container still contains halocarbons, the supplier or wholesaler is required to take it back only if a label has been affixed to the container identifying the type of halocarbon.
Where a container does not comply with the provisions of this section, it is the responsibility of the holder of the container or the supplier or wholesaler who has taken the container back to deliver or have the container delivered to another enterprise or body able to reclaim or eliminate it.
O.C. 1091-2004, s. 53.