Q-2, r. 29 - Regulation respecting halocarbons

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12. If it is necessary to continue operating the defective unit to prevent an immediate danger to human life or health, the requirements of subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph of section 11 do not apply as long as the danger persists up to a maximum of 14 days for a unit located in the administrative regions of Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Côte-Nord and Nord-du-Québec or 7 days for a unit located in any other administrative region. On the expiry of that period, the owner of the unit must immediately have the halocarbon contained in the unit or in the part of the unit that was isolated recovered.
It is the responsibility of the owner of the unit in such a case to immediately file a report with the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks containing the following information:
(1)  the owner’s name and address;
(2)  the address where the unit is located;
(3)  for each type of halocarbon contained in the unit, the quantity recovered, the quantity released in kilograms and, if the halocarbon is released as a gas, an estimate of the quantity released; and
(4)  the circumstances that warranted not immediately stopping the operation of the unit.
For the purposes of this section, “administrative region” means a region established pursuant to the Décret concernant la révision des limites des régions administratives du Québec (chapter D-11, r. 1).
O.C. 1091-2004, s. 12.