Q-2, r. 27 - Regulation respecting pulp and paper mills

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80. The operator must send to the Minister, within 30 days following the last day of each month, the results of the measurements under sections 68 to 75, including the result of any additional analysis performed in accordance with section 79, and include reasons for excess or missing data and the daily production data of finished product and, where applicable, of bleached pulp and dissolving grade sulphite pulp. For the results of the chlorinated dioxin and furan and polychlorinated biphenyl measurements, the time limit is 60 days.
The results and data must be sent using media-based information technology conforming to the standard format provided by the Minister that contains the information required by Schedules II, III, V to X and XII.
The operator must also keep a log of the results and data referred to in the first paragraph and retain it for a minimum of 2 years after the date on which the data is sent to the Minister.
O.C. 808-2007, s. 80.