Q-2, r. 22 - Regulation respecting waste water disposal systems for isolated dwellings

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52.2. Installation conditions: Construction of a compost toilet is permitted provided the following conditions are met:
(a)  the model of toilet to be installed complies with NSF/ANSI Standard 41, which takes into account the type of building or site, its purpose and the rate of daily use of the toilet;
(b)  the toilet is vented independently from the vent pipe of the building served;
(c)  the toilet and the tank in which fecal matter is transformed into compost are installed inside the building served;
(d)  the toilet, the tank and the other associated components are installed, used and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s manuals;
(e)  the toilet works without water or effluent;
(f)  the building served is intended to be heated in the winter if it is used during that season.
306-2017O.C. 306-2017, s. 28.