P-40.1, r. 3 - Regulation respecting the application of the Consumer Protection Act

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91.5. A label containing the following information shall be affixed to each item of goods for which a merchant uses the exemption under section 91.4:
(a)  the nature of the item and the characteristics affecting its price or distinguishing it from other goods of the same nature, such as its brand and size;
(b)  the price of the item or, where the price is based on a unit of measurement, the price per unit of measurement; and
(c)  for food sold in an establishment for which the merchant must hold a permit issued under the Regulation respecting food (chapter P-29, r. 1), the price per unit of measurement in addition to the price of the item.
In all cases, the price on the label must be in at least 28-point bold type print and the other information in at least 10-point type print.
Where the item is sold on a shelf, the label prescribed under the first paragraph shall be affixed next to the product on the shelf and measure at least
(a)  12.90 cm2 in establishments for which the merchant is required to hold a permit under the Regulation respecting food; and
(b)  9.67 cm2 in other establishments.
Where the item is sold elsewhere than on a shelf, the label must be affixed near the product sold and measure at least 38.71 cm2.
The requirement under subparagraph c of the first paragraph shall only take effect on 23 June 2001.
O.C. 10-2001, s. 4.