P-40.1, r. 3 - Regulation respecting the application of the Consumer Protection Act

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91.13. When a proposal to make a contract referred to in section 228.1 of the Act is made orally from a distance, the merchant is exempt from the obligation under section 228.1 of the Act of informing the consumer in writing of the existence and nature of the warranty provided for in sections 37 and 38 of the Act, provided the merchant sends the consumer the notice prescribed by section 91.9 within 15 days of the making of the contract.
When the notice is sent using an information technology medium, it may not comply with section 91.10 and may be sent to the consumer otherwise than in paper form, on the following conditions:
(a)  the notice is presented legibly;
(b)  the notice is presented in a manner that ensures that the consumer is able to easily retain it and print it.
O.C. 495-2010, s. 16.