P-34.1, r. 3 - Regulation respecting the certification of intercountry adoption bodies

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12. As minimum services provided to the adopters, a certified body must
(1)  provide them with information on the services offered by the certified body, the conditions in the State of origin concerned, the profile of the children proposed for adoption, the adoption procedure and the documents required by the State of origin concerned, and the support services available in Québec after the child’s arrival;
(2)  inform the adopters of any change likely to have an impact on how their proposed adoption is to proceed;
(3)  ensure that the adopters’ file is complete and forward it to the State of origin concerned;
(4)  receive adoption proposals and give effect to them, taking into account the recommendations contained in the psychosocial assessment;
(5)  see that the adoption process is pursued in the proper manner, in particular by the timely forwarding of all documents required by the authorities in Québec or in the State of origin concerned;
(6)  inform the adopters on the procedures after the child arrives in Québec, such as the judicial procedure and application for citizenship, and conduct follow-up;
(7)  conduct follow-up on the sending of the child’s progress reports in accordance with the requirements of the State of origin; and
(8)  cooperate in research into family and medical antecedents or reunions.
M.O. 2005-018, s. 12.