P-32, r. 1 - Regulation respecting Contracts of the Public Protector

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64. The authorization of the Public Protector in person is required for every contract of a repetitive nature with an expected term, including any renewal, is greater than 3 years. For construction contracts, this authorization is required before publication of the tender notice when the bid validity period is greater than 45 days.
For a task order or delivery order contract, the Public Protector cannot authorize a contract with a planned duration, including any renewals, greater than 5 years.
This authorization is also required before entering into a contract involving an expenditure equal to or above the public tender threshold if:
(1)  only one service provider submitted a compliant tender; or
(2)  only one service provider submitted an acceptable tender following a quality evaluation.
In the case provided for in subparagraph 2 of the third paragraph or for mixed construction and professional service contracts, the selection committee must not know the price and the Public Protector in person shall determine whether or not the awarding process should be continued.
Decision 1462-2, s. 64.