P-32, r. 1 - Regulation respecting Contracts of the Public Protector

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27. Despite section 24, the Public Protector must solicit only a quality demonstration to award an architecture or engineering contract.
If such a contract, excluding a contract for soils and materials engineering, involves an expenditure below $250,000 and a regionalized public call for tenders is issued, the project manager must be a permanent resource of the service provider. The workplace of the permanent resource must be an establishment of the provider that has been in the region specified in the tender documents for at least 2 months before the tender closing date.
For the purposes of the second paragraph, permanent resource means a natural person who, on an annual basis, devotes at least 75% of his or her working time to the service provider and at least 1,100 hours.
Decision 1462-2, s. 27.