P-29, r. 1 - Regulation respecting food

Full text Lay-out: A wholesale delicatessen plant must be equipped as follows:
(a)  it must be so arranged as to permit control of all entries into and departures from the plant;
(b)  it must be provided with appliances for washing equipment;
(c)  it must have a pedal-operated sink with hot water, cold water and dispensers of liquid soap and individual towels;
(d)  if the cooking tanks are directly connected to a waste water evacuation system, the opening into such system must be provided with a check-valve to prevent the reflux of water into the tanks;
(e)  tables near walls must be equipped with a protective back;
(f)  food containers must be placed on trolleys or shelves; the latter must never be less than 10 cm from the floor;
(g)  it must be provided with a drain pipe at least 10 cm in diameter equipped with a grid opening of at least 9 dm2 for the disposal of washing water;
(h)  all the rooms in which carcasses of ruminants, equines and suids are prepared, circulate or stay must be equipped with an overhead conveyor system.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. P-29, r. 1, s.; O.C. 314-95, s. 7.