P-29, r. 1 - Regulation respecting food

Full text Equipment of the eviscerating room: The eviscerating and conditioning room must include:
(a)  a conveyor independent of the slaughtering conveyor;
(b)  an eviscerating trough made either of concrete and recessed into the floor, or made of stainless steel and attached to the floor, that is equipped with jets of water to ensure flow and prevent overflow;
(c)  an inspection post including:
i.  a metal table 2 m long;
ii.  10 hooks for hanging seized meat;
iii.  a garbage pail for discarded or confiscated meat;
iv.  a bench for the inspector;
v.  a pedal-operated sink with a sterilizer for knives;
vi.  the controlling device of the evisceration conveyor;
(d)  apparatus for washing poultry carcasses;
(e)  a vacuum appliance for removing the kidneys, lungs, testicles, and inedible tissues;
(f)  an appliance for singeing the hairs of the poultry.
Subparagraphs a, e and f of the first paragraph do not apply if the room is used only for the evisceration and conditioning of rabbits.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. P-29, r. 1, s.; O.C. 725-94, s. 22.