P-29, r. 1 - Regulation respecting food

Full text Lay-out of the slaughterhouse: The slaughterhouse must satisfy the following requirements:
(a)  the slaughtering room in which the rendering unconscious, bleeding, skinning, evisceration, dressing and inspection operations are carried out must permit the installation of equipment suited to the slaughtering program;
(b)  the area for rendering unconscious and bleeding must be separate from that of dressing and evisceration;
(c)  there must be a drainage pipe at least 10 cm in diameter having an opening of at least 9 dm2, covered by a grating, for the drainage of washing water;
(d)  the suspension equipment for any animal must be such that there is a clearance of 45 cm between the floor and the head of the animal’s carcass;
(e)  the slaughterhouse must be equipped for rendering the animal unconscious before it is bled;
(f)  for hogs, the area reserved for scalding, bristle removal and singeing operations must also be separate from that reserved for the dressing and evisceration;
(g)  the slaughtering room equipped with rails or chains for working on suspended carcasses may be commonly used for different kinds of animals; however, if the skinning of bovines is not done on a rail or chain, it can be done on a skinning bed of non-corrosive material at a height of at least 20 cm from the floor;
(h)  facilities must be provided to permit the simultaneous carrying out of health inspection operations of the carcass and the related viscera; for this purpose, the table or trolley used for the inspection of viscera must be situated at the level of the suspended animal’s thoracic rib cage;
(i)  the preserving room must have a seizure area for keeping seized carcasses or meat. This area must be fenced off from the rest of the room by a wire lattice having a door with a lock.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. P-29, r. 1, s.