P-29, r. 1 - Regulation respecting food

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5.8.4. Each package of processed eggs must bear the following inscriptions in indelible letters in accordance with the dimensions prescribed by Schedule 5.D:
(1)  the designation of the nature of the processed eggs;
(2)  the name and address of the manufacturer, the packer or the person for whom the processed eggs were packed;
(3)  the lot number;
(4)  the list of ingredients in descending order;
(5)  the net quantity;
(6)  the method of conservation;
(7)  in the case of liquid eggs, frozen eggs or dried eggs, depending upon the species laying the eggs processed, the description “Products of hen’s eggs”, “Products of turkey’s eggs”, “Products of hen’s and turkey’s eggs”, “Products of quail’s eggs”, “Products of duck’s eggs” or “Products of eggs”, inserting the name of any other domestic fowl;
(8)  in the case of processed eggs other than those mentioned in paragraph 7, the name of the species laying the eggs;
(9)  in the case of processed eggs prepared in Canada, the word “Canada”, or the name of the province of origin, or in the case of processed eggs prepared in another country, the name of the country of origin.
Where the word “Québec” is used in an inscription covered by subparagraph 9 of the first paragraph, it must be reserved exclusively for eggs processed in Québec.
O.C. 591-90, s. 1.