P-29, r. 1 - Regulation respecting food

Full text Each graded egg is marked on its shell with the identifying codes defined in this section designed in particular to trace its place of origin or to identify the grading station where it was marked.
Eggs produced in Québec must be marked with the QC abbreviation exclusively reserved for eggs produced in Québec. The abbreviation is immediately followed by a code chosen by the producer to identify himself or herself or the laying nest of origin; in addition, the code identifying the producer must also make it possible to distinguish the producer’s production sites, if applicable.
In the case of eggs from outside Québec, in the absence of a code identifying the laying nest of origin, the shell is marked with the name of the province or country of origin, or their abbreviation.
Eggs are also marked with the identifying code of the grading station. Eggs graded in an egg station registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are marked with the grading station’s registration number assigned by the Agency in accordance with the Egg Regulations (C.R.C., c. 284). Eggs graded in another grading station are marked with the identifying code confirmed by the Minister pursuant to section
Each graded egg is also marked with the abbreviation of the month and number that correspond to the date of the indication “best before” prescribed by paragraph 4 of section 5.4.1.
O.C. 1224-2012, s. 4.