P-29, r. 1 - Regulation respecting food

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3.3.3. Compulsory inscriptions: Every product conditioned with a view to sell must display on its container, package or wrapping, in indelible, plainly legible and conspicuous characters:
(a)  the markings necessary to show:
i.  the nature, condition, composition, use, exact quantity, origin and all other particulars of the product;
ii.  the name and address of the manufacturer, preparer, conditioner, packer, supplier or distributor;
iii.  its place of manufacture, preparation or conditioning;
(b)  (subparagraph revoked).
Listing of the constituents of a product must be according to decreasing order of their proportions in the product.
The indication of weight must take into account the loss to which the product may normally be subject after its conditioning and must be expressed as net weight.
In addition to the other particulars provided for in this section, every container, package or wrapping of mollusc meat or of live marine bivalve molluscs that is marketed must show, in indelible, highly visible and legible characters, the area or sector of harvesting and the date on which the lot was picked or harvested.
Furthermore, the container, package or wrapping of mollusc meat shall indicate the preparation date.
The fourth and fifth paragraphs do not apply to canned molluscs.
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