P-13.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the discipline of members of the Sûreté du Québec

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8. A member must behave in a dignified manner. To that end, he must refrain from any behaviour lacking in respect towards any person or adversely affecting the dignity or efficiency of the Sûreté.
The following in particular constitute breaches of discipline:
(a)  the use of obscene or insulting language;
(b)  misuse of authority, intimidation or harassment;
(c)  recourse to greater force than necessary to accomplish what he is ordered or permitted to do;
(d)  lack of respect and courtesy towards a person or a member;
(e)  causing a person to get into a vehicle of the Sûreté unless so permitted;
(f)  consorting or fraternizing without a satisfactory reason with persons he knows to have a criminal reputation;
(g)  while on duty or in uniform whether on duty or not, consuming alcoholic beverages in public unless so permitted;
(h)  while on duty being under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, hallucinogenic drugs, narcotic or anaesthetic preparations or any other substance capable of causing intoxication, weakening or disturbance of the faculties or unconsciousness;
(i)  keeping alcoholic beverages without permission in a vehicle or on premises of the Sûreté;
(j)  drinking alcoholic beverages immoderately in a manner that discredits the Sûreté, it being understood that consuming such beverages in a private residence does not constitute a breach of discipline;
(k)  being dressed during working hours in a manner not in accordance with the instructions in force;
(l)  buying, selling or possessing narcotics or any similar product whose sale is prohibited or regulated, or being involved as intermediary in any such case, except where his work so requires.
O.C. 467-87, s. 8.