P-13.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the discipline of members of the Sûreté du Québec

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15. A member must perform his duties honestly.
The following in particular constitute breaches of discipline:
(a)  maliciously damaging or destroying, losing through negligence or illegally transferring public or private property;
(b)  failing to report any destruction, loss or damage of property for the use of the Sûreté;
(c)  using or permitting the use of property for the use of the Sûreté for personal or unauthorized use;
(d)  lending, selling or transferring an item of the uniform or the equipment provided by the Sûreté;
(e)  falsifying, removing or destroying documents of the Sûreté or documents in the custody of the Sûreté or other official documents;
(f)  submitting or signing a report or other writing, knowing it to be false or inaccurate;
(g)  claiming or authorizing without making the necessary checks reimbursement of expenses not incurred, payment for hours of work not done or payment of unwarranted premiums;
(h)  failing or neglecting to account for or to remit within a reasonable time any sum of money or property received in his capacity of member of the Sûreté.
O.C. 467-87, s. 15.