P-10, r. 18 - Règlement sur les normes d’équivalence de diplôme et de la formation aux fins de la délivrance d’un permis de pharmacien

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6. A candidate who, for the purpose of obtaining a permit from the Order, applies for a diploma or training equivalence must provide the secretary of the Order with the following documents and information required to support the candidate’s application, together with the costs required under paragraph 8 of section 86.0.1 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26):
(1)  the candidate’s academic record, including a description of courses taken, the number of credits and corresponding transcripts;
(2)  a certified true copy of all diplomas held;
(3)  an attestation of the candidate’s successful completion of a training period;
(4)  an attestation of the candidate’s participation in any other relevant continuing training or upgrading activities;
(5)  a description and an attestation of the candidate’s relevant work experience;
(6)  proof of the candidate’s right to practise pharmacy in another jurisdiction;
(7)  a letter of recommendation from the candidate’s professional order;
(8)  a list of the candidate’s relevant publications; and
(9)  an attestation that the candidate has passed the evaluating examination and qualifying examination administered by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada.
Documents in a language other than French or English that are submitted in support of an application must be accompanied by a French translation certified under oath by the translator.
O.C. 541-2008, s. 6.