P-10, r. 18 - Règlement sur les normes d’équivalence de diplôme et de la formation aux fins de la délivrance d’un permis de pharmacien

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5. In assessing the training submitted in support of a training equivalence application, the following factors are to be taken into consideration:
(1)  the relevant university diplomas, issued in Québec or outside Québec;
(2)  the nature and content of the relevant university courses passed by the candidate, the number of credits and the marks obtained;
(3)  the training periods successfully completed by the candidate, and any other relevant continuing training or upgrading activities;
(4)  the nature and duration of the candidate’s relevant work experience; and
(5)  the fact that the candidate has passed the evaluating examination administered by the body constituted by the Act to incorporate The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada, (1963) 12 Eliz. II. c. 77.
O.C. 541-2008, s. 5.