P-10, r. 18 - Règlement sur les normes d’équivalence de diplôme et de la formation aux fins de la délivrance d’un permis de pharmacien

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2. A candidate who holds a diploma awarded by an educational institution outside Québec is granted a diploma equivalence if the diploma was obtained upon completion of 8 semesters of university studies comprising not fewer than 15 weeks of activities each and that are equivalent to the program of studies in pharmacy at Université Laval or Université de Montréal; the studies must comprise a minimum of 125 credits and each credit must correspond to 45 hours of course attendance or personal work in
(1)  biomedical science;
(2)  chemical and pharmaceutical sciences;
(3)  pharmacological science;
(4)  practical and clinical pharmacy; and
(5)  socio-economic and administrative aspects.
O.C. 541-2008, s. 2.