O-7, r. 14 - Regulation respecting the standards for the issue and holding of the permit authorizing an optometrist to administer and prescribe medications for therapeutic purposes and provide eye care

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2. The permit is also issued to a member of the Ordre des optométristes who satisfies the other conditions prescribed in section 1, even if he has completed his training prior to the period referred to in paragraph 4 of that section or it is not of the level referred to in that paragraph, provided that he satisfies one of the following conditions:
(1)  he participates in the training program and passes the examination provided for in sections 3 to 7;
(2)  he is holder of legal authorization outside Québec to administer and prescribe medication for therapeutic purposes and provide eye care in accordance with terms and conditions comparable to those prescribed in the Regulation respecting the medications that may be administered and prescribed for therapeutic purposes by an optometrist and respecting the eye care that may be provided by an optometrist (chapter O-7, r. 11).
O.C. 1024-2003, s. 2; O.C. 397-2009, s. 1.