N-3, r. 10 - Regulation respecting the records and files of a notary who ceases to practise, the resumption of practice and power of attorney

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3.01. The application for assignment of records must be prepared in the form appearing in Schedule 4 and be supported by the following documents:
(a)  the deed or the document indicating the assignment or the transfer of records in favour of the applicant;
(b)  a report prepared in accordance with Schedule 5 and signed by the applicant certifying the state of the minutes and their number, and indicating those that are missing; and
(c)  a certificate which conforms to Schedule 6 from the treasurer attesting that any contribution or any cost due to the Chamber from the assigning or deceased notary and from the assignee has been paid.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. N-2, r. 9, s. 3.01.