M-5, r. 1 - Regulation respecting stuffing and upholstered and stuffed articles

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(s. 13)
1. Scope:
This Schedule prescribes the treatment required for stuffing of animal origin (feathers, hair, etc.) intended to be used as stuffing for household, office or hospital furniture, and for bedding, etc.
2. Description of the process:
Stuffings shall be subjected to the following treatments in succession:
(2.1) Washing — Stuffing shall be washed with a detergent, for at least 30 minutes, in water at the temperature recommended by the maker of the detergent used.
(2.2) Rinsing — Stuffing shall then be rinsed in warm water for at least 30 minutes.
(2.3) Steam treatment — After being wrung out, stuffing shall be subjected to steam treatment at a minimum temperature of 110 ºC and a minimum pressure of 100 N/m2 for at least 30 minutes.
(2.4) Drying —Stuffing shall be dried at a minimum temperature of 94 ºC for at least 20 minutes.
3. Feathers and down
(3.1) Down and crushed or uncrushed feathers used as stuffing must be processed to meet or exceed oxygen number 15 for crushed feathers or oxygen number 10 for uncrushed feathers or down, as determined by testing in accordance with the Canadian General Standards Board Standard CAN/CGSB-139.3-M90.
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