M-25.2, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the signing of certain deeds, documents and writings of the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune

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61. The associate deputy minister for the mining sector, the director of the Direction des redevances et des titres miniers or the head of the Service des titres d’exploration et de l’imposition minière is authorized to sign
(1)  notices of assessment provided for by the Mining Tax Act (chapter I-0.4), except, in the case of the head of the Service des titres d’exploration et de l’imposition minière, notices of assessment provided for in sections 43 and 63 of that Act;
(2)  authorization to change a fiscal year under section 2 of that Act;
(3)  a demand ordering a person or partnership to send a return under section 16.1 of that Act;
(4)  an order for payment of duties, interest and penalties under section 48 of that Act;
(5)  the designation, under section 71 of that Act, of a place other than an operator’s place of business or residence, at which the operator must keep his records and books of account;
(6)  a demand, under section 73 of that Act, requiring an operator to keep records and books of account;
(7)  a demand requiring the filing, under section 79 of that Act, of
(a)  information or additional information, including a return, report or supplementary return or report exigible under that Act; or
(b)  books, letters, accounts, invoices, financial statements or other documents; and
(8)  a certificate, under section 81 of that Act, attesting that a debt is payable and showing the amount thereof.
O.C. 1455-95, s. 61; .