M-17.2, r. 2 - Terms and conditions of the signing of certain deeds, documents or writings of the Ministère de la Famille

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17. A director of a regional branch is authorized to sign
(1)  childcare centre and day care centre permits, upon their issue or renewal pursuant to section 7, 10, 11 or 155, as the case may be, of that Act;
(2)  any document authorizing a permit holder to provide childcare services elsewhere than at the address appearing on the permit, for a period specified pursuant to section 16 of that Act;
(3)  any document related to the approval or refusal of plans pursuant to section 19 of that Act;
(4)  any document related to an authorization or a refusal to increase the maximum number of children stated on a permit, to alter a facility, to add a new facility or to relocate a facility permanently pursuant to section 21 of that Act;
(5)  any document authorizing the coordinating office to change the address of its head office, to dispose of or transfer assets, or to make a change in its organization pursuant to section 48 of that Act;
(6)  written notices of non-compliance pursuant to section 65 of that Act; and
(7)  any document ordering such work as is necessary to make the premises or equipment comply or prohibiting access to the premises or equipment until the situation is corrected pursuant to section 74 of that Act.
O.C. 485-2013, s. 17.