L-6, r. 5 - Bingo Rules

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80. A person who wishes to play bingo must purchase a booklet sold by the holder of a bingo licence or a bingo hall manager’s licence, as the case may be, for the bingo event or block in which the person wishes to participate, regardless of the number of bingo games in which the person actually participates. The person may also purchase 1 or more additional cards.
The person may also purchase 1 or more additional bingo cards for 1 or more special games, according to the program established under section 68 and, if applicable, the schedule referred to in section 70.
An additional card is a regular bingo card not included in a booklet that gives the player an additional chance to win a prize during a regular game.
The requirement in the first paragraph does not apply to recreational bingo, agricultural concession bingo or bingo at a public place of amusement.
O.C. 1108-2007, s. 80.