L-6, r. 5 - Bingo Rules

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6. The holder of an in-hall bingo licence authorized to conduct and operate a bingo consisting of at least 26 bingo events per year may, for each 12-month period following the date of issue of the licence, hold up to 4 events in a place authorized by the board at the time the licence is issued and that differs from the hall for which the licence is valid. The descriptive card of the bingo that accompanies the licence at the time it is issued or that is sent annually to the holder by the board in accordance with section 41.1 indicates, for the year, the number of events, the dates and times of the events and the authorized place.
The authorization may not be granted if another holder of an in-hall bingo licence holds a bingo event in that place on the day for which the authorization is requested.
O.C. 1108-2007, s. 6; O.C. 1047-2011, s. 6.