L-6, r. 5 - Bingo Rules

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14. A holder of a bingo hall manager’s licence who conducts and operates a bingo as a mandatary assumes, to the exclusion of the mandators, the services of the bingo hall consisting of but not limited to
(1)  the planning of the bingo, including the preparation of the detailed program for each bingo day;
(2)  the purchase of bingo booklets and cards and, if applicable, batches of instant win tickets and 50/50 tickets from the holder of a bingo supplier’s licence;
(3)  the sale of bingo booklets and cards and, if applicable, instant win tickets and 50/50 tickets;
(4)  the hiring of staff for the conduct and operation of the bingo;
(5)  the supply of the hall;
(6)  the supply of the furniture, bingo and office equipment, office automation and data transmission equipment, if applicable, hall maintenance and bingo equipment storage services and telephone services;
(7)  the supply of a room used as an office for all mandators;
(8)  the furnishing of insurance to cover civil liability;
(9)  the conduct of the bingo; and
(10)  the organization of the advertising and promotion of the bingo and the awarding of the giveaways referred to in section 117.
O.C. 1108-2007, s. 14; O.C. 1047-2011, s. 11.