L-6, r. 5 - Bingo Rules

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122. The holder of an in-hall bingo licence who conducts and operates bingo alone and the holder of a media bingo licence must conduct all transactions related to the conduct and operation of the bingo through a bank account used exclusively for that purpose.
All revenue from the sale of bingo booklets and cards, instant win tickets and 50/50 tickets, must be deposited in the bank account and all expenses incidental to the conduct and operation of the bingo must be paid out of the account. Except for cash prizes awarded to winners and refunds made under section 65 or 66, no expense may be paid in cash.
The member of a professional order referred to in section 131 must certify the value on the date of the member’s report of the sums deposited in the bank account.
O.C. 1108-2007, s. 122; O.C. 1047-2011, s. 51.