L-6, r. 5 - Bingo Rules

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121. Subject to the second paragraph, the profits from bingo conducted and operated by the holder of an in-hall bingo licence or a media bingo licence that exceed the funding needs or, in respect of the holder of an in-hall bingo licence, $100,000 if the needs are greater than that amount, must be used for the charitable or religious purposes pursued.
Any profit that exceeds an amount corresponding to 10% of the amount withheld under the first paragraph or that may not be used for the purposes indicated in that paragraph must be paid by the licence holder within 90 days after the anniversary date of the issue of the licence or, as the case may be, the licence expiry date into the Fonds québécois d’initiatives sociales established under section 46 of the Act to combat poverty and social exclusion (chapter L-7), except if the profit is from a bingo conducted and operated through the holder of a bingo hall manager’s licence.
O.C. 1108-2007, s. 121; O.C. 1047-2011, s. 50.