I-9, r. 13 - Regulation respecting the keeping of records and consulting offices by engineers

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2.06. Where an engineer is a member or is in the employ of a partnership or where he is employed by a natural or legal person, the records kept by the partnership or employer respecting the services which the engineer renders shall be considered, for the purposes of this Regulation, as the latter’s records if he can enter therein the items or information prescribed by section 2.01 and have access thereto; if he cannot do so, he must keep in a file, among other documents, the following:
(a)  a reference to the contract or project on which he is working;
(b)  a description of the work he is carrying out thereon;
(c)  the technical record prescribed by paragraph c of section 2.01 related to his work;
(d)  a copy of the studies, reports and other documents he has prepared and which relate to his work.
The engineer must sign or initial every document or report he has prepared and every entry he makes in a record of his employer or of the partnership to which he belongs.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. I-9, r. 14, s. 2.06; O.C. 816-84, s. 2.