I-9, r. 13 - Regulation respecting the keeping of records and consulting offices by engineers

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2.01. Subject to section 2.06, the engineer must keep, at the place where he practises his profession:
(a)  a register which contains, in accordance with each mandate undertaken, the following information:
i.  the date of the agreement concluded between him and his client relative to his professional services;
ii.  the name of the client, his address and telephone number;
iii.  a summary description of the mandate;
iv.  the description of the project, where applicable;
v.  the entry of the time used by the engineer and his employees for the carrying out of the project and a copy of all notes of fees and payments;
(b)  the general record respecting a project including the correspondence exchanged with the client or third parties during the development process of the project and respecting the studies, appraisals, reports, plans, specifications or other pertinent documents;
(c)  the technical record of a project including the data provided by the client or collected by the engineer, the charges for which the computations are made and the computations themselves with an indication of the methods used, where applicable.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. I-9, r. 14, s. 2.01.