I-9, r. 12 - Regulation respecting refresher training periods of engineers

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2.01. The board of directors may, if it considers that an engineer’s level of competence does not meet the standards required for the protection of the public, oblige that engineer to serve a refresher training period when:
(a)  his name is entered on the roll more than 5 years after he obtained his permit or more than 5 years from the date on which he was entitled to the issuance of a permit;
(b)  his name is re-entered on the roll after failing to have it entered thereon for more than 5 years;
(c)  his name is re-entered on the roll after having been struck off for more than 5 years;
(d)  he is the subject of a recommendation to that effect by the professional inspection committee or the disciplinary council pursuant to section 113 or 160 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26);
(e)  he has served a training period considered, pursuant to section 2.10, not in conformity with the objectives and the terms and conditions determined by the board of directors.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. I-9, r. 12, s. 2.01.