I-8, r. 9 - Code of ethics of nurses

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78. A nurse may not sell, engage or participate for profit in any distribution of medications, equipment or products related to her or his professional activities, except in the following cases:
(1)  where a sale of products or equipment is made in response to an immediate need of the client and is required for the care and treatment to be provided. In such case, the client shall be notified of any profit realized by the nurse upon the sale;
(2)  where the nurse clearly distinguishes the place where care is provided from the place where the sale of products or equipment takes place and where her or his professional title is not associated with the commercial activities;
(3)  where it concerns a vaccine covered under the third paragraph of section 52.
O.C. 1513-2002, s. 78; O.C. 497-2008, s. 3.