I-13.3, r. 7 - Regulation respecting the norms, conditions and procedure for disposing of an immovable of a school board

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5. A public call for tenders shall be published in French
(1)  in a daily newspaper in Québec or Montréal and in a regional weekly newspaper circulated in the region where the immovable is located; or
(2)  through an electronic tendering system.
The period for receiving tenders may not be less than 4 weeks.
The date, time and place fixed for submitting and opening tenders shall be indicated in the public call for tenders. The opening of tenders shall be public.
The tender documents shall state that the school board is not bound to accept any tender.
The disposal following a public call for tenders shall be made in favour of the tenderer who presented the highest conforming tender.
O.C. 471-2004, s. 5.