I-13.3, r. 6.1 - Regulation respecting agreements entered into by school boards with respect to collaboration with police forces for prevention and investigation purposes and interventions by police officers in an emergency or when an act of bullying or violence is reported

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1. An agreement entered into under section 214.1 of the Education Act (chapter I-13.3) between a school board and a competent authority in respect of a police force in all or part of its territory must include an undertaking by the parties to
(1)  promote collaboration, cooperation and reciprocal action to achieve the purposes of the agreement;
(2)  provide the information on the contents of the agreement needed to ensure its implementation to the persons concerned within their respective organizations;
(3)  complete a joint report, each year, on the implementation of the agreement.
O.C. 828-2015, s. 1.