I-13.3, r. 11 - Regulation respecting childcare services provided at school

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10. The childcare provider shall post near the telephone a list of the following telephone numbers:
(1)  a physician;
(2)  the nearest hospital;
(3)  the local community service centre (CLSC) in the territory of which the centre is located;
(4)  the Centre anti-poison du Québec;
(5)  the ambulance service; and
(6)  the Info-Santé service.
He must also keep close to the telephone
(1)  a list of the telephone numbers of the regular staff members and their replacements, if any; and
(2)  a list of the telephone numbers of the parent of each child and those, according to registration cards, of other persons to contact in case of emergency.
O.C. 1316-98, s. 10.