I-0.2, r. 4 - Regulation respecting the selection of foreign nationals

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71. In the case of an earthquake victim belonging to the class of foreign nationals who are in a particularly distressful situation referred to in subparagraph i of paragraph c of section 18, the Minister may issue a selection certificate by taking into account, in addition to the items in section 27, the fact that the foreign national is the subject of an undertaking given for 5 years by a Québec resident at least 18 years of age of whom the foreign national is the brother, sister or non-dependent child.
That undertaking may be given solidarily with another person residing in Québec and, where applicable, that person’s spouse or de facto spouse.
The conditions applicable to sponsors provided for in subparagraphs b to b.5 of the first paragraph of section 23, the second paragraph of section 23 where applicable, paragraphs e and f of section 28.1 and sections 42, 44, 45 and 46.1 to 46.3 apply to those persons. Despite the foregoing, the total of those persons’ income is used to determine if they have the minimum gross annual income required to provide for the basic needs of the sponsored person and family members whether or not they accompany him or her.
The fees to be paid for an application for an undertaking referred to in this section are the fees provided for in section 55.
O.C. 77-2010, s. 1.