I-0.2, r. 4 - Regulation respecting the selection of foreign nationals

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38. The Minister shall issue a selection certificate to a foreign national in the economic class who
(a)  obtains, in the awarding of the points as provided in the Regulation respecting weighting in respect of the factors and criteria listed in the Selection grid for the economic class in Schedule A that apply to the foreign national’s subclass, the number of points required as the cutoff score, where applicable, and as the passing score;
(b)  in the case of an entrepreneur selected according to factor 12.2 of the grid, also files with the Minister a document certifying the acquisition of an enterprise related to that factor; or
(c)  in the case of an investor, also files with the Minister a document certifying that the amount indicated in the investment agreement has been invested with one of the subsidiaries of Investissement Québec.
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