I-0.2, r. 4 - Regulation respecting the selection of foreign nationals

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24.2. A sponsor who gives an undertaking on behalf of a minor child covered by subparagraph d of the first paragraph of section 19 must include in his application for the undertaking a document issued by an agency having the authority to inquire into the conditions of taking in charge and placing a child, certifying that it has taken cognizance of the steps taken by the sponsor to receive the child and that such steps are in the interest of the child and respect his rights.
The sponsor must also give an undertaking in writing to apply to the Superior Court within 90 days of the child’s arrival to have a tutor appointed to the child. He must in like manner agree to exercise the rights and obligations of parental authority until such appointment.
O.C. 1504-88, s. 6; O.C. 1323-95, s. 8.