F-2.1, r. 13 - Regulation respecting the real estate assessment roll

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22. (Revoked).
M.O. 94-09-01, s. 22; M.O. 2015-06-08, s. 6.
22. In the case of a local municipality whose first new roll within the meaning of the third paragraph of section 505.1 of the Act came into force after 1 January 1984 but before 1 January 1989, an assessor shall, before the 10th anniversary of that coming into force, verify the accuracy of the data in his possession concerning each unit of assessment.
The obligation provided for in the first paragraph does not apply in respect of a unit of assessment for which the first 9-year period provided for in section 36.1 of the Act has begun.
For the purposes of the sixth paragraph of section 4 of this Regulation, the period that ends on the anniversary referred to in the first paragraph is considered, where the obligation provided for in that paragraph applies, to be the period provided for in section 36.1 of the Act.
M.O. 94-09-01, s. 22.