E-3.3, r. 4 - Regulation respecting the conditions of exercise of the duties of returning officer

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3. A returning officer must also have the following professional skills:
(1)  the ability to manage the human, financial and material resources available to the returning officer to achieve the expected results at each stage of the election proceedings;
(2)  the ability to ensure the follow-up of the activities ensuing from the election calendar and to monitor achievement of the results determined by the chief electoral officer;
(3)  the ability to make decisions, resolve disputes in accordance with the Election Act (chapter E-3.3), election regulations and the directives of the chief electoral officer within very short time frames;
(4)  the ability to create and maintain a climate of confidence in dealings with the electors, candidates and other intervenors during and outside the electoral events;
(5)  the ability to perform quality work within the deadlines fixed by the election calendar;
(6)  the ability to use the computer systems and data produced and to have them used; and
(7)  the ability to pass on knowledge acquired to an adult clientele.
Decision 2004-03-31, s. 3.