E-3.3, r. 4 - Regulation respecting the conditions of exercise of the duties of returning officer

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2. A returning officer must
(1)  be a qualified elector at all times;
(2)  be domiciled at all times in the electoral division of appointment or in an electoral division determined by a directive issued under section 503 of the Election Act (chapter E-3.3)
(3)  not be a member of any political party or engage in any partisan work at the federal, provincial, municipal or school board level or hold elected office at such a level;
(4)  be upright and impartial;
(5)  have relevant knowledge of the Election Act and the Referendum Act (chapter C-64.1);
(6)  have relevant knowledge of the electoral division for which the returning officer has been appointed;
(7)  not exercise identical duties at the federal level;
(8)  have knowledge of the French language;
(9)  have knowledge of the English language where the number of English-speaking electors so warrants;
(10)  abide in all respects by the oath of office made;
(11)  cooperate with the chief electoral officer in examining, assessing and trying new voting procedures;
(12)  comply with the directives of the chief electoral officer; and
(13)  make space available at the returning officer’s domicile for the material and equipment required to exercise his or her duties, according to the conditions determined by the chief electoral officer.
Decision 2004-03-31, s. 2; S.Q., 2011, c. 5, s. 37.