E-3.3, r. 17 - Voting Regulation

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6. Where a deputy returning officer, a poll clerk or a candidate’s agent so require, a person shall swear that he:
(a)  is a qualified elector;
(b)  was domiciled in that polling subdivision on the Tuesday of the second week preceding that of the poll, or that he resided or had his main office in the polling subdivision on the date of his application under section 3 of the Election Act (chapter E-3.3);
(c)  has not already voted in the current election;
(d)  has received no benefit intended to engage his support for a candidate;
(e)  has in his possession no ballot paper capable of use in the current election.
The oath shall be taken in Form 47, attached hereto.
Decision 89-03-23, s. 6; Decision 2000-12-20, s. 3.