E-3.3, r. 17 - Voting Regulation

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Election Act
(chapter E-3.3, s. 348)
This template, valid for a maximum of 10 candidates, enables visually handicapped electors to mark their ballot papers without assistance.
General instructions for deputy returning officer
— A visually handicapped elector using this template is NOT required to take the oath of an elector unable to vote without assistance.
Procedure for handling ballot paper
— Remove one ballot paper from the pad and fold it in the prescribed manner.
— Unfold it and place it in the template so that the first circle on the ballot paper is directly under the first circle of the template.
— Indicate to the elector the order in which the candidates appear on the ballot paper.
— Ask the elector to refold the ballot paper after marking it along the folds you have already made.
Decision 89-03-23, Form 49.