E-22, r. 1 - Regulation under the Act respecting explosives

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(s. 1)
A-3, composition A-3 (hexowax)
Acetyl benzoyl peroxide
Acetyl peroxide
Acetylides (refer to the specific metal acetylide)
Acetone di-peroxide
Aluminum containing polymeric propellant
Aluminum ophorite explosive
Aminosulphonic organic salts mixtures
Ammonals (minols)
Ammonia dynamites
Ammonia gelatin dynamites
Ammonium bromate
Ammonium chlorate
Ammonium méta-periodate
Ammonium nitrate (AN)—amino compound explosives
Ammonium nitrate—nitroglycerine explosive mixtures
Ammonium nitrate—nitrolactose explosive mixtures
Ammonium perchlorate propulsive mixtures
Ammonium perchlorate explosive mixtures
Ammonium peroxychromate
Ammonium picrate (Explosive D)
Ammonium salt lattice with isomorphously substituted inorganic salts explosive mixtures
AN-FO, ammonium nitrate and fuel oil
B, composition B
Baratols or barium nitrate—tolite mixtures
Barium styphnate
Baronal or barium nitrate—tolite—aluminum mixtures
BEAF, 1, 2-bis (2, 2-difluoro-2-nitroacetoxyethane)
Benzite or trinitrobenzene
Benzoyl peroxyde
Bickford cord, safety fuse
Black powder
Blasting agents
Blasting caps
Blasting connectors
Blasting explosives
Blasting gelatin
Blasting powder
BTNEC, bis (trinitroethyl) carbonate
BTNEN, bis (trinitroethyl) nitramine
C, C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4 (plastic explosives containing cyclonite)
Carboxy—derivative propellant
CE or Tetryl
Cellulose hexanitrate explosive mixtures
Cheddites or chlorate explosives
Chloramines explosive mixtures
Chlorate of potash explosive mixtures
Chlorates with red phosphorus explosive mixture
Chlorates with sulphur explosive mixture
Chlorite of silver
Chlorite of lead
N—Chloro—o—toluenesulfonamide of sodium
Colloidal explosive powder
Composition A-3, (cyclonite and beeswax of hexowax)
Composition B (mixture of cyclotol)
Composition C-4 (plastic explosive containing cyclonite)
Connectors for blasting
Copper acetylide explosive mixture
Copper azide
Cresylite (trinitrometacresol)
Crystalline explosive (cap sensitive)
Crystalling picrate with lead azide explosive mixture
Cyanuric triazide
Cyclonite, hexogen or RDX (cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine)
Cyclotetramethylenetetrinitramine or octogen
Cyclotetramethylenetrinitramine or cyclonite
Cyclotol (cyclonite—TNT mixture)
D explosive or ammonium picrate
DATB (diaminotrinitrotetramethylenetetranitramine)
DATNB (diaminotrinitrobenzene)
DBX (TNT—cyclonite—NA mixture)
DDNP or dinol (diazodinitrophenol)
Deflagrating explosives
DEGN or dinitrodiglycol
Delay powders
Detonating cord
Diazobenzene chromate
Diazoperchlorate of metanitrobenzene
Dibenzoyl peroxide
Diethyl gold bromide
Diethylene glycol dinitrate (GDN)
Diglyceryl tetranitrate
Dimethyl peroxide
Dimethylol dimethylmethane dinitrate composition
Dinitroethylene urea
Dinitrophenyl hydrazine
Dinitrotoluene—sodium nitrate explosive mixtures
Dinol or 2-diazo-1-hydroxy-4, 6-dinitrobenzene, (diazodinitrophenol)
Dipicryl sulfone
Dipenta or dipentaerythritol hexanitrate, (DPEHN)
DNDP, dinitropentanonitrile
DNPA, 2, 2-dinitropropyl acrylate
DNT or dinitrotoluene
DPEHN, dipentaerythritol hexanitrate
Dynamites (permissible)
Dynamites (safety)
EDNA, haleite or EDNATOL, (ethylene dinitramine)
EDNP, ethyl-4, 4-dinitropentanoate
Erythritol tetranitrate explosives
Ethylene dinitramine
Ethylene glycol dinitrate (EGDN)
Ethylene nitrate
Explosive conitrates
Explosive gelatins
Explosive plastics
Explosive mixtures containing oxygen releasing inorganic salts and hydrocarbons
Explosive mixtures containing oxygen releasing inorganic salts and water soluble or insoluble fuels
Explosive nitro compounds of aromatic hydrocarbons
Explosive organic nitrate mixtures
Explosive powders
FEFO, (bis-2, 2-dinitro-2-fluoroethyl)
Fireworks, refer to 1.01b
Fulminate of mercury
Fulminate of silver
Fulminating gold
GDN or ethylene glycol dinitrate
Gelatin dynamites
Gelatinized nitrocellulose
Gelignite (dynamite)
GEM, dinitro aliphatic explosive mixtures
Glyceryl nitrate
Glyceryl trinitrate
Glycol dinitrate
Guanylnitrosoaminoguanylidene hydrazine
Guanylnitrosoaminoguanyltetrazene or tetrazene; 1—(5 tétrazolyl)—4 guanyltetrazene hydrate
Gun powder
Haleite or EDNA
BBX-1 or cyclonite—TNT—Aluminum mixture
Heavy metal azides
Hexahydro-1, 3, 5—trinitro—s—triazine or hexogen
Hexamethylenetriperoxydiamine, HTT or HMTD
Hexanitrate of mannitol or MHN
Hexanitrodipentaerythrite or DPEHN
Hexanitrodiphenylamine or hexyl
Hexogen, cyclonite, (cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine), C.A., hexahydrotrinitro—s—triazine or RDX
Hexogen or octogen and a nitrated n-methylaniline
Hexolites, (hexogen-tolite)
High explosives
HMTD, hexamethylenetriperoxydiamine or HTD
HMX, cyclo-1, 3, 5, 7-tetramethylene-2, 4, 6, 8-tétranitramine or octogen
Homocyclonite (octogen)
Hydrazine and dimethylhydrazine propellant
Hydrazine chlorate or perchlorate explosive mixtures
Hydrazine nitrate explosive system
Hydrazoic acid
Hyponitrous acid
Igniter cord
Initial detonating agents
Initiating explosives or initiating agents
Inorganic perchlorate explosive mixtures
Lead azide
Lead chlorite
Lead dinitroresorcinate
Lead hydrazide
Lead mannite
Lead mononitroresorcinate
Lead picrate
Lead sulfocyanate—potassium chlorate explosive
Lead styphnate (lead trinitroresorcinate)
Liquid nitrated polyol and trimethyloethane
Liquid oxygen explosives (LOX)
Liquid oxygen with wood pulp or other cellulosic compounds
Lithium perchlorate explosive mixtures
Low explosives
Lyddite or melinite (picric acid)
Mannitol hexanitrate or MHN
MDNP, (methyl 4, 4-dinitropentanoate)
Melinite, trinitrophenol, pertite, Shimose or picric acid
Mercuric azide
Mercurous azide
Mercury fulminate
Mercury hydrazide
Mercury nitride
Mercury oxalate explosive mixtures
Mercury oxycyanide (nitrated)
Mercury tartrate
n-Methyl-n, 2, 4, 6-tetranitroaniline (Tetryl)
Methyl picramide or trinitromethylaniline
Metriol trinitrate (TMETN)
Minol TNT-NA-aluminum mixture
Monobasic mercurous iodide
Mononitroresorcinate of lead
Mononitrotoluene—nitroglycerin mixture
N-explosives or schneiderite
NA-H, ammonium nitrate and fuel oil or AN-FO
Nanceienne (pressed brown powder)
di-(1-Naphtyl) peroxide
NCN, nitrocarbonitrate
NH propellant
Nitrate sensitized with gelled nitroparaffin
Nitrates of polyalcohol and carbohydrate explosive mixtures
Nitrates of soda or of potash explosive mixtures
Nitrated carbohydrate explosive
Nitrated glucoside explosive
Nitrated mercurous oxycyanide
Nitrated mixture explosives, (ammonium nitrate and sodium nitrate explosives or exchanged ions explosives)
Nitrated organic compound explosives
Nitrated polyhydric alcohol emulsion explosives
Nitrated polyol and trimethylolethane
Nitrated propylene glycol explosives
Nitric acid explosive mixtures
Nitric acid and carbocyclic fuel explosive mixtures
Nitric acid and nitro-aromatic compounds explosive mixtures
Nitric acid and nitrated-halogenated aromatic compound explosive mixtures
Nitro-aromatic explosive mixtures
Nitro compounds of furan explosive mixtures
Nitrocellulose or cellulose nitrate (guncotton) explosive (not inerted)
Nitrocellulose explosive mixtures
Nitro derivatives of urea explosive mixture
Nitrogelatin explosive
Nitrogen resorcinate
Nitrogen sulfide
Nitrogen trichloride
Nitrogen tri-iodide
Nitroglycol, glycol dinitrate, ethylene nitrate or GDN
Nitroguanidine explosives or picrite explosives
Nitromannite (MHN)
di- or tri-Nitronaphtalenes
Nitronium perchlorate propellant mixtures
Nitropentaerythrite (pentrit or PETN)
Nitropentaerythrite—nitroglycerin composition
n-Nitrophenyl diazonium perchlorate
Nitrostarch (with less than 30% solvent or 20% water)
Nitrostarch dynamites
Octal (75% HMX and 25% TNT)
Octogen, homocyclonite, cyclotetramethylenetetranitramine, octahydro-1, 3, 5, 7-tetrazocine or HMX
Ophorites, magnesium or aluminum—perchlorate explosive mixtures
Organic octonitrate explosive mixtures
Oxalate of mercury explosive mixtures
Oxalate of silver explosive mixtures
Oxygen (liquid) and carbon explosive mixtures
Oxygen (liquid) explosives (LOX)
Oxycyanide of mercury
Particulate explosives
Pellet powder
Pentaerythrite tetranitrate, pentaerythritol tetranitrate, pentrit, penthrite or PETN
Pentaglycerol trinitrate (TMETN)
Pentrit plastic
Penthrinite composition
Pentolite or PETN—TNT mixtures
Peracetic acid
Perchlorate mixture explosives
Perchloric acid based explosive mixtures
Permissible dynamites
Peroxychromate of ammonium
Peroxide based explosive mixtures
Peroxide, acetyl benzoyl
Peroxide of tricycloacetone
Pertite or picric acid
PETN (pentrit) plastics
Picramid or trinitraniline
Picramic acid, (2-amino-4, 6-dinitrophenol), or pricramates explosive mixtures
Picrate of ammonium (explosive D)
Picrate of potassium explosive mixtures
Picrate of lead
Picrate of zinc
Picratol (ammonium picrate—TNT mixture)
Picric acid or trinitrophenol
Picrite or nitroguanidine
Picryl chloride or trinitrochlorobenzene
Picryl fluoride
Plastic or hexogen plastic
Plastic explosives (see C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4)
Polyolpolynitrate—nitrocellulose explosives
Potassium chlorate and lead sulfocyanate explosive
Potassium chlorate base explosive mixtures
Potassium nitrate—sodium nitrate explosive mixture
Powder (explosive), granular, pelleted, extruded, mealed, in platelets, flakes, pearls, balls
Pressure venting blasting devices
Propellants (mono)
Propellant composition
Pyrenite or Tetryl
Pyrocellulose (cellulose nitrate)
Pyrotechnics (see Fireworks)
Pyrotechnic composition
RDX, (cyclo-1, 3, 5-trimethylene-2, 4, 6-trinitramine) or cyclonite
Resorcinate of lead
Safety fuses
Salts of organic amino-sulphonic acid explosive mixture
Schneiderite or N explosive
Seismic gelatin
Seismic explosives
Selenium nitride
Semigelatin dynamites
Sevranites or substitution explosives
Shellite (melinite—dinitrophenol)
Shimose (melinite)
Silver acetylide
Silver chlorite
Silver fulminate
Silver oxalate explosive mixtures
Silver tartrate explosive mixtures
Slurried explosive mixtures of water, inorganic oxidizing salt, gelling agent, fuel and sensitizer
Slurry of explosive mixtures thickened with an inorganic oxidizing salt
Smokeless gunpowder
Sodium amatol
Sodium chlorate explosive mixtures
Sodium chlorate—sodium nitrate explosive mixtures
Sprenguite (pressed brown powder)
Stannous nitrate (basic)
Starch nitrate (nitrostarch)
Streetites or cheddites
Styphnate of barium
Styphnate of lead (resorcinate of lead)
Styphnic or resorcinic acid
Sulfur bearing mixtures containing zinc, aluminum or magnesium with or without other oxidizing agent
T-4 or cyclonite
TACOT, tetranitro-2, 3, 5, 6-dibenzo-1, 3, 4, 6-tetraazapentalene
Tartrate of silver explosive mixtures
Tartrate of lead
TATNB or triaminotrinitrobenzene
TEGN or dinitrotriglycol
Tetranitrate of pentaerythritol, penthrite (pentrit), nitropentaerythrite, nitropenta, PETN or NP
Tetranitro-tetrazacyclooctane or octogen
2, 4, 6-Trinitraniline or pricramid
Tetraline, tetryl or tetralite
Tetranitraniline explosive mixture
Tetranitromethane explosive mixtures
Tetranitride of sulfur
Tetrazene or tetracene
Tetryl, 2, 4, 6-trinitrophenylmethylnitramine or tetranitromethylaniline
Tetralite, pyrenite or CE
Tetrytol or Tetryl—TNT mixture
TMETN or metriol trinitrate (trimethylolethane trinitrate)
TNA, tetranitroaniline or 2, 3, 4, 6-tetranitraniline
TNB, 1, 3, 5-trinitrobenzene
TNC or tetranitrocarbazole
TNEF, trinitroethylformal
TNEOC, trinitroethylorthocarbonate
TNECF, trinitroethylorthoformate
TNT, trinitrotoluene
Tolite or TNT
TORPEX or hexogen—tolite—aluminum mixture
1, 3, 5- Triazido-2, 4, 6- trinitrobenzene or trinitrotriazidobenzene
Tridite (trinitrophenol and dinitrophenol)
Trilite or TNT
Trimethylolethanetrinitrate—nitrocellulose mixture
Trimonite (melinite—mononitronaphtalene)
Trinitraniline or picramid
Trimethylolethyl methane trinitrate composition
Trinitroanisol or methyl picrate
Trinitrobenzoic acid
Trinitrochlorabenzene or picryl chloride
Trinitroglycerin or glycerol trinitrate
Trinitroglycerin mixtures
Trinitromethylaniline or methyl picramid
Trinitrophenetol or ethyl picrate
Trinitrophenol or picric acid (melinite)
Trinitrophenolate of lead
2, 4, 6-trinitrophenylmethylnitramine
Trinitrophenylmethylnitramine explosive mixtures
Trinitroresorcinol or styphnic acid
Trinitroresorcinate of lead or lead styphnate
Trinitrotoluence explosive mixtures
Trinitrotoluene explosive mixtures
1, 1, 1—trinitroxymethylethane or TMETN
Tritol, triton, trotyl or TNT
Tritonal or tolite—aluminum mixture
Urea nitrate
Water bearing explosives having salts of oxidizing acids and nitrogen bases, sulfates or sulfamates
Water-gel explosives
Xylene trinitrate, m-trinitroxylene
Zinc picrate
R.R.Q., 1981, c. E-22, r. 1, Sch. 1.