D-9.2, r. 20 - Regulation respecting titles similar to the title of financial planner

Full text
1. The following titles are similar to the title of financial planner and may not be used by anyone:
(1)  chartered financial planner (CFP);
(2)  registered financial planner (RFP);
(3)  chartered financial adviser (CFA);
(4)  financial consultant;
(5)  financial co-ordinator;
(6)  financial adviser;
(7)  personal finance consultant;
(8)  personal finance co-ordinator;
(9)  personal finance planner;
(9.1)  private wealth advisor (PWA);
(10)  any title including one of the following 5 expressions, in which the words composing each expression either appear together or are separated by other words:
(a)  financial planner;
(b)  financial planning;
(c)  financial adviser;
(d)  financial consultant;
(e)  financial co-ordinator.
O.C. 835-99, s. 1; Erratum, 1999 G.O. 2, 4077; O.C. 586-2007, s. 1.