D-4, r. 1 - Regulation respecting professional activities that may be engaged in by persons other than denturologists

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1. The purpose of this Regulation is to determine, among the activities that may be engaged in by denturologists, those that may be engaged in by the following persons, on the conditions and terms set out therein:
(1)  a student in denturology, namely any person registered in a program of study leading to a diploma giving access to the permit of the Ordre des denturologistes du Québec; and
(2)  a person eligible by equivalence, namely any person who is completing a program of study or a period of training determined by the board of directors of the Order for the purpose of having an equivalence recognized pursuant to the Regulation respecting the standards for diploma or training equivalence for the issuing of a permit by the Ordre professionnel des denturologistes du Québec (chapter D-4, r. 11).
O.C. 1023-2003, s. 1.