D-2, r. 14 - Decree respecting the non-structural metalwork industry in the Montréal region

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6.01. (1)  The National Holiday is a general holiday with pay pursuant to the National Holiday Act (chapter F-1.1).
(2)  The following days are general holidays with pay: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, National Patriots’ Day, 1 July, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and 26 December.
(3)  In addition, the last 4 working hours of the working day preceding Christmas Day and those preceding New Year’s Day are payable to the employee.
(4)  The employee is entitled to 1 movable holiday with pay for each 3-month block of work during the year. This movable holiday shall be taken between 23 December and 2 January and may be used to complete the half-days of holidays listed in subsection 3.
Authorized absences, holidays and annual vacations are considered as working days for purposes of determining the eligibility of an employee to such movable holidays.
A layoff of less than 15 days within a 3-month block of work does not affect the entitlement of an employee to a movable holiday for such period.
Any movable holiday credited but not taken is paid to the employee before his departure due to a layoff or dismissal.
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